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Dr. Laurence Jerome


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Welcome To Jerome Driving Questionaire Web Site


This web site is designed to allow clinicians to gather information about their patients driving history and current driving profile.Registration is free for qualified clinicians. It consists of the Jerome Driving Questionnaire (JDQ), the World Health Organization Adult ADHD Self Report Scale of symptoms of Inattention and Impulsivity (ASRS) and the Driving Behavior Survey (DBS) by Professor Russell Barkley.

We recommend that clinicians supervise the initial data entry for medications for each patient and have them complete each of the three scales initially to establish a baseline. Collateral data for each patient can be collected and will provide additional real world data about the patients driving profile. Information about current medications and change in accident profile and any new moving violations should be updated with each new entry of the JDQ.

These scales will provide the clinician and the patient a view of their driving record over time and a measure of change of strategic driving style of the patient as seen in the JDQ, in their tactical driving behavior, collected by the DBS and in symptoms of Inattention and Impulsivity as measured by the ASRS. The effects of medication and other behavioral interventions will be reflected in changed ratings within the profiles of the three scales. Serial measures for each patient can be retrieved and viewed graphical allowing a visual record of change over time.

These instruments provides a systematic measuring tool to document both collateral and patient self reported driving style and driving behavior and the effects of clinical interventions  to assist the clinician in evaluating driving safety. They are meant to augment clinical evaluation, not to substitute or replace the clinicians’ judgment about patient driving safety.Please read Terms of Use for more information. 

The Resource section contains educational videos that are helpful for patients and there families regarding the risk of untreated ADHD and driving. Review articles and psychometric scale information will be updated periodically. Clinicians are welcome to offer resources to be posted on the site through our contact information.


Clinicians interested in using this web site should click the word Register at the top left hand corner of this page and complete the registration information. Registration generates an e-mail request to the web administrator. Access is approved by return e-mail.